Clawfoot Bath Resurfacing is a specialised art and it is our sole business.

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Clawfoot Bath Resurfacing is a specialised art and it is our sole business.

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Clawfoot Bath Resurfacing Brisbane is a specialised art and it is our sole business.

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Clawfoot Bath Resurfacing Queensland

Hi, my name is Ron. I am the owner of Clawfoot Baths QLD. I do all the work myself, from start to finish. No contractors. No staff who come and go.

Antique bath restoration
 is a very specialised area of bath resurfacing. We are talking about rusty, oxidised cast iron and porcelain in many cases. Some are paddock tubs. But they can all be made to look beautiful again :-)

There aren't many companies offering Clawfoot refurbishment or restoration services these days. To my knowledge, I am the only independent (not a franchise) provider of claw foot bathtub refinishing in QLD. Franchisees come and go. So do their contractors. I have over 15 years experience in restoring and refinishing cast-iron claw foot bath tubs, antique baths, pedestal basins and free standing bathtubs. It will normally take somewhere between 25 and 35 hours preparation work for a claw foot tub to be refinished. Rust is your enemy and I know how to deal with it.  Turnaround time for the full job is typically 1-2 weeks. 

The product I use for the bath interior is proven over 15 years. Despite claims from some newcomers to this industry or receptionists who have never worked on a bathtub, there are no ‘enamel’ or ‘porcelain’ coatings used by anyone in the industry. A spray gun is used to apply a urathene or latex coating, or a pour on method is applied. The specialised coating I use is a marine and industrial approved 2 pack urethane, which can withstand temperatures to 300 degrees (more than any hot water tap can ever produce) and won’t discolour or fade with normal use in your bathroom.

Clawfoot Bath Resurfacing requires patience and attention to detail. I'm a perfectionist. I love what I do and I guarantee you a beautiful and long lasting result. No one in this industry has more experience or knowledge. I’ll back my work against the contractors other companies use any time.

I offer pickup and delivery from Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Maryborough, Bundaberg. I aso have claw foot bathtubs for sale from time to time, but most of my work is custom jobs for clients.

Clawfoot Bath Resurfacing is my sole business. I have restored over 200 of them and have never had a warranty claim or a complaint. No one does it better and my work is guaranteed by a genuine warranty.