About Clawfoot Bath Refinishing Queensland

I’ll be the one responsible for your Clawfoot Bath from start to finish. I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing old tubs restored to their former beauty.

My first Clawfoot bath restoration was in 2003 in Brisbane. I started out as a franchise owner with Worldwide Refinishing Systems and have resurfaced over 3,000 bathroom fixtures, including 300+ Clawfoot Baths since that time and was the founder of Action Resurfacing in Brisbane in 2006. I recently sold Action Resurfacing and personally trained the new owner, Jim, in 2017.

I established Clawfoot Baths QLD in early 2016 to concentrate solely on Clawfoot Bath Restoration in Queensland, with specialised equipment, proven coatings and techniques applicable only to these rare and beautiful stand-alone baths.

Restoration of these antique bath tubs, of which many are 130+ years old, is an art. Its hard work, but satisfying.

I’ve seen probably 15 new bath resurfacing companies come and go in my time in the industry. They all quote cheap prices and long warranties.....and are gone 12 months or 2 years later. Then I’d normally get a call to fix the problems they’d left behind.

Remember, it’s all in the preparation and the experience of the restorer, not the coating.